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The tonfa is used in pairs and is made of wood, again red oak or white oak preferably in keeping with the Bo. The length of the weapon is also the same requirements as the Sai, about three centimeters past the elbow when gripped. The weight like the Bo is paramount to the efficient usage of the weapon. Too light and it lacks power in Kumite, too heavy and the techniques lack speed and become ponderous.

main tonfa

Good body movement like the Sai can make this weapon formidable, combining the speed it needs and generates along with the skillful footwork for evasion and attack. Although there are stories of rice millstone grinding implements and horses bridles etc. as being the origins of this weapon, these are merely coincidental. The tonfas origins can clearly be traced back to China and be found in Indonesia and surrounding geographical locations. While the weapon may have been introduced into Okinawa via China (or elsewhere in southern Asia), it still does not rule out its use as a mill handle.

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