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Jo is one of the traditional weapons found in Japanese Budo. The jo is very versatile, since both ends as well as the length of the jo can be used.  It is made of hardwood and averages about 50 inches in length and 7/8 off an inch in diameter. It is round or octagonal in cross section. These dimensions are not critical to the techniques, but for practice with a partner, a staff of standard length is desirable and for practice alone, staff long enough to pass just underneath your armpit when standing is adequate.

The history of the Jo includes a divine birth and a noble heritage. It begins in the early 1600s, when a samurai named Muso Gonnosuke meditated in the mountains after his first and only defeat., at the hands of Japan's greatest swordsman, Miyamoto Musachi. Muso's favourite weapon was the bo - the long or six-foot staff. Miyamoto, using both a long and a short sword, had blocked the staff in such a way that Muso could not withdraw his weapon safely. Miyamoto spared Muso's life, however, and left him to meditate on his defeat.

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